Main performance characteristics of brake pad cartoning machine

Main performance characteristics of brake pad cartoning machine
1, using automatic opening (suction) box, folding instructions, cutting, feeding, batching, sealing, inspection and other processes, smooth operation, low noise.
2, using PLC and man-machine interface to automatically control the operating system, stepless frequency control, high degree of automation, easy to understand and operate.
3, the use of internationally renowned brand electrical components, stable and reliable performance.
4, the use of mechanical overload automatic shutdown function to ensure human-machine safety.
5, automatically remove the lack of packaging or lack of instructions in the packaging of finished products to ensure the quality of the finished package.
6, with fault display, alarm and finished product counting, etc., easy to maintain and handle faults.
7, according to customer requirements, design a variety of automatic feeders and conveyors and other devices.
8, optional hot melt glue machine with hot melt glue spray sealing or design hot melt glue brushing device.