HHZ-80A Multifunction Automatic LED Lights Cartoning Machine(Single lining)


The product is suitable for cartoning and packaging of bulb lamp, LED energy-saving lamps, candle (tail) lamp, downlight, spotlight,ballast resistor and other similar items among lighting, electronics and other industries,the product can automatically complete lining, paper box forming, lamp cartoning, paper tongue sealing of double ends and other work.The machine can be used alone, and it also can be connected with heat shrink packaging machine and other equipment for forming production line.

■PLC automatic control, variable frequency speed regulation, electrical components are internationally renowned brands.
■Man-machine interface operating system is equipped.
■The overload protection of main drive conduct photoelectric monitoring action of various parts,
machine can automatically shutdown and display reason if there is abnormal operation, thus, failure can be timely eliminated.
■Lining feeding molding, automatic installation of light bulbs and other functions can be automatically finished.
■Cartoning could automatically stop if there is no lining.
■There is stable performance and simple operation, it is easy to understand.

Main technical parameters: